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HackHD Camera Temperature

The HackHD camera is a cost-effective light camera chosen for the mission. It does have oneĀ  drawback; it gets extremely hot during operation. This post identifies the issues this poses and puts forward a possible solutions to _try_ and mitigate … Continue reading

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Trial Launch (without the Launch)

It was decided that a “Trial” launch should be performed to:- Test and refine deployment procedures Test cut-down mechanism Confirm all the components work altogether Familarise the team with procedures In terms of outcomes, the documented procedures were not too … Continue reading

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Initial Spot Messenger Testing

A Spot Messenger account has been purchased and some initial testing has been done to see how the Spot Messenger fairs with the other electronics. Other Balloon launches have been plagued with interference issues between the SPOT messengers and the … Continue reading

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The ‘pretend’ launch (Testing Procedures)

If we had more people launching balloons around Cairns, then attending such events would help to give one the knowledge/experience required to launch a balloon. In the absence of this, we will perform a ‘pretend’ launch. I’ve been working on … Continue reading

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