Installing the new GPS Module

I’ve realised the that the current GPS module only goes up to about 18km. This is not high enough. So I discovered a module that can go up 50km. This module is different from the current one because it doesn’t come with an antenna built-in (on top of it) and it is definitely not a module you can easily get up and running.

The module also needed some TTL converters to convert 3.3v to 5 volt and the 5 volt to 3.3volts. This all takes up a lot of realestate so it became apparent that we need to mount the new GPS module on its own in the PolyCarbonate box, away from the Arduino (where the old one was installed).

Below is a picture of HAB electronics box with new GPS module.

Install of new GPS module in HAB Electronics Box

The GPS module is mounted about 1cm above the PCB below it and below Serial Voltage level converter. The board requires 5 v, 3.3v, ground RX and TX.

The antenna is attached to the top of the Arduindo GPS shield using double sided tape. I actually had a problem with the antenna shorting out wires on the Arduino initially. All was okay.

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