Making the CloverLeaf Antenna

The HAB payload needs a small/suitable antenna. I decided that it would be easier and a lot more fun to make the antenna; rather than buy one. It would also reduce costs and a lot of additional knowledge and know-how would result.


Material for this are:-

Material Quantity Notes
RG-227U Cable 30cm
2mm solid copper wire 1 metre I choose thick wire to increase rigidity and to increase bandwidth
Solder As much is required
Plywood 200mm x 200mm 1 ¬†Used to create a “jig”, to which the antenna was created.
Various wood pieces
40mm x 40mm x 15mm
3 ¬†Used to create a “jig”, to which the antenna was created.

Design and Construction

Design is based a lot off what is described at:-

In fact, I followed it word for word, picture for picture…except that I created a Right Hand Polarized version.

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