Enhancing Control of HAB from Mobile Phone

Much work has been done to improve the web interface delivered by the Beaglebone Black to the mobile phone browser. The following major enhancements have been made:-

* Only load last 20 messages during first load

* Add measurements, GPS data to status page and button to initiate cutdown. Also show the state of the cutdown. i.e. when the HAB responds saying it has initiated the cutdown

* Fixed up images, so that it is left aligned properly under standard browser on Samsung Android Phone

Work has also been done to load modules required by the TEW311M module. I’ve purchased this module, I’m still waiting for it to arrive. This module will allow me to setup this Beaglebone Black as an Access Point. It’ll hand out IPS to my mobile. This means I can do away with the idea of connecting a ‘home’ based wireless router. I will need to connect a stable 5 volt power supply to the beaglebone black though.

Other work done is to make it so that all necessary applications are started at boot up, so I don’t have to ssh in and start them up manually. This is working extremely well.

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