Last 2 weeks until launch

Continual Improvement

Even as we draw closer to the launch date, we are continually making refinements to the launch procedures and devices to mitigate possible risks. Some of the risks have been identified and listed below:-

  1. One risk is that our balloon pops and that we are then left with no chance of performing our mission.
  2. Another risk is that the inflation tube bursts
  3. Another is that the file downloads causes problems (incomplete) and causes temporary loss of communication.

We have addressed (1) by contacting BOC and asking if we can take a spare cylinder. We can, and we are able to return it for a Credit if not used. (Thanks Cairns BOC! Really appreciate this).

We have addressed (2) by purchasing spare tubing and superglue so we can manufacture another one.

We have addressed (3) by providing another button on the web interface which the operator can use to disable picture downloads.

The Day of the Flight

We are putting a bit more thought into how the day will progress. The exact details of how the launch will be conducted are still something that will evolve over time and become clearer once we have a predicted flight plan. Like any problem, we are going to split the flight into several stages. Most likely something like this:-


FROM (Min) TO (Min) Notes
0 15 Observing – seeing how close to predicted path and speed, etc. Will then confirm path.
15 35 Driving approx 30km (or distance determined)
35 55 Observing – get gps co-ordinates + photo (if can) + health status
55 75 Driving approx 20km
75 85 Observing…till balloon pops (Should be approx 83rd minute) – Will first disable photos.
85 100 Driving approx 15km
100 111 Observing decent till out of range. (flight length approx 1hr 51mins).


We have released software used to manage the flight. It is downloadable from GITHUB:-

Software for the groundstation (runs on Beaglebone Black running Debian)


Software for Arduino


X-modem library required by JJTEAM_HAB



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